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Bag Manufacture

Specialist Manufacturer of Customized all-types Bags.

Vap sourcing is the manufacturer and supplier of high-quality textile products for the fashion industry.

We specialize in large-scale manufacturing of highly attractive, world-class stylish Bags. We offer you various kinds of products. We have designed them so that they can fulfill various roles or requirements. Our product lines include Cotton Tote Bags, Beach Bags, Sustainable Bags, Promotional Bags, Multipurpose Bags, Nature Bags, Cosmetic Bags, Fashion Bags, Skin Smarties, Drawstring Bags, Back Packs and Small Wonders.

Having years of experience, hard work, and a customer-centric service approach, the company is today among the leading manufacturers and exporters of Jute and Cotton Bags. Our products are carefully priced to keep them affordable for everyone. We like everyone to benefit from our products.

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