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Reliable & Quality Apparel Solutions For Global Infrastructure

Welcome to the fascinating world of fabric. We are known for our love and admiration for fabric. We enjoy working with endless yarns of fabrics, we develop deep into the codes of colors, the mesmerizing patterns of print designs, never-ending styles, trendy textures and classy weaves, and, thrive in meeting deadlines. Vap Sourcing is committed to simplifying the clothing manufacturing requirements for our clients with a great sense of design detail, turnaround time, and quality output.

  • Deliver high-quality customized service
  • Thorough quality control system
  • Standard manufacturing process
  • Efficient and fast sampling service
  • Understand the needs of clients
  • A passionate team of talents


Experience Exceptional Quality

We Bring You More Than Just Fabric Stitched Together

We are the largest peer-to-peer comparison initiative manufacturer in the textile industry. In alignment with an ongoing global effort, we track the progress of the home textile sector and apparel materials to lay a foundation for a more sustainable sourcing alternative. As we maintain a high-quality production round the year, we are also taking pride in becoming the largest exporter.



What We Offers To Our Clients ?

Weave Your Own Success Story

Our production sites are enhanced with tried and tested fabric collections. That means, our clients can explore a wide selection, every, single, time.


The Tech Behind Fabric Manufacturing?

We Design Fabric