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High Visibility Clothing

All-rounder of high visibility clothing

We provide a variety of Reflective Safety Jackets such as Class 1, Class 2 & Class 3 safety Jackets which are used in the construction to avoid accidents & awareness about construction work going on.

Vap Sourcing is a well-known and trusted brand when it comes to high visibility Clothing, we have established our roots in several mainstream Industries while fulfilling our promise of quality and services. We are recognized and trusted for our Coverall Uniform that is providing comfort and protection to the lack of employees on a daily basis during their working hours.

As we are trying to expand our network in different Industries and holding our roots strongly with integrity, dedication, quality, and reliability. Our crafting manufacturers are a team of experts that are serving in this industry for a long while keeping their eyes on the smallest details when it comes to manufacturing Coverall Uniforms.

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