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Thou the company established in Bangladesh in Nov 2015 to work as a sourcing office for a few customers in UK who wanted to grow there sourcing from Bangladesh and source fashion, work wear and corporate wear garments. However I have been stationed in Bangladesh now for over 12 years.


From Our Managing Director

PEOPLE ALWAYS ASK ME WHAT DOES VAP STAND FOR – IS IT INTIAL OF MY NAME WHICH IS PADAM VAISH OR WHAT? Let me clarify for all that it stands for V- VALUE A – ADDED P – PRODUCTS This is the basic motto of the company to cater to customer who are looking for value added products. The value we add to the product is Extra care Proactive communication Attention to details Developments of new Fabrics, Garments and Products (could be not related to Garments) Innovations to share new techniques Adaptations to your ways of working

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